The US Has Been in Syria…

As the US waits for a decision on a missile strike against the Syrian government, many Americans are up-in-arms over the idea of a possible armed conflict with yet another country in the Middle East. Few are aware that we have been involved with this conflict for quite some time -what we’re really discussing is whether or not we have to cross the line of “plausible deniability”.

There’s a slew of propaganda about the conflict -the right-wing doesn’t seem to want to remember that we’re still friends with some of the groups that were a part of “Al CIAda”, and left-wing doesn’t want to admit that they are supporting yet another Arab Springs uprising… public impressions are mixed between distaste from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, fear of an impending global war, even more fear of radical arabs, and general ignorance about the Middle East, the rest of the world… much outside of our living rooms.

During the 2012 Presidential Election Debates, President Obama quickly mentioned that we had been helping the rebel FSA on the ground, in Syria… at this time, there wasn’t any relief aid going into Syria -he was talking about CIA jackals helping arm and coordinate the FSA. Few people seem to have connected this with the situation in Egypt, or the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, the seemingly imminent collapse of the petrodollar, the rest of the Arab Springs revolutions… WE ARE IN SYRIA.

The civil war has been going on for a good 2 years, now. Protests against the Ba’ath Party’s control over the Syrian government turned into violence after Assad sent the military to fire on demonstrators. Since then, Russia has given a number of military helicopters and other armaments to the Syrian military to help stop the civil war, and Iran began sneaking their special forces into the rebel FSA in an effort to undermine their coordination. The UN eventually stepped-in after Assad began bombing the city of Damascus (due to it’s protection under UNESCO as a heritage site) and demanded that Assad end the civil war ASAP -suggesting that he step-down if that was the quickest resolution.


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